Studying in Kassel

Want to study guitar?

How about coming to Kassel and joining our Bachelor of Music degree?

Here are some of the advantages of our modern new course:

90 Minutes a week individual lessons with highly acclaimed performer-teacher - no matter what you want to be: do competitions, try to develop performance opportunities, go into teaching or something in between, together we can create a platform for you to develop your weaknesses, accentuate your strenghts and help you stand on your OWN two feet in this hard and complicated music business! 

Weekly performance training

Weekly 90 minutes didactic lesson

Practical teaching training in music schools

Chamber music  (the Guitar-Ensemble has recorded 2 CDs)

Guitar literature lessons

Rising number of performance opportunities

Money earning opportunities thru teaching job possibilities in the area

And.......THERE are NO student fees!!!!

Super and cheap Semester Ticket - for all the trams, buses and trains in the area

Plenty of small concerts in churches, theatres, bars, restaurants and clubs