Boris Tesic, often referred to as the "Gentleman on guitar" is a versatile artist who has entranced audiences with his remarkable blend of rich musicality and smooth virtuosity. His musical journey is a fascinating exploration of various styles and periods, making him a true "Swiss-knife" of programming. Boris is not confined to a single genre or era but delves into classical, late 20th-century, and fingerstyle guitar music with equal finesse.

His discography showcases his commitment to quality music across all genres. From the pure classical period pieces of "Les Adieux" to the modern complexities of "Tonal Atonal" and the innovative sounds of crossover fingerstyle guitar music in "Exploring the other way" and "Mike Oldfield re-scaled", Boris consistently delivers musical excellence to his audiences.

Beyond his solo career, Boris finds immense joy in collaborative endeavors, performing in various chamber groups. He is an integral part of Duo Sjelle, a captivating collaboration with soprano Christine Brinkmann, featuring their recent album "4 Songbooks" with own arrangements of songs by Louis Spohr. As one half of the Herkules Guitar Duo with Michael Tröster, they have released the vibrant and passionate "Fun and Passion" Album. Additionally, he collaborates with flutist Ming Wang, further demonstrating his versatility and musical adaptability.

Boris's musical journey began under the tutelage of the renowned Predrag Stankovic, who set new standards for classical guitar education. His quest for excellence led him to the prestigious Royal College of Music in London and later to the Conservatorium Maastricht and Musikakademie der Stadt Kassel, where he honed his skills under the guidance of acclaimed instructors Carlo Marchione, Michael Tröster and Gary Ryan.

Notably, Boris Tesic is more than just a musician. An avid sports enthusiast, he passionately follows sports like cricket, rugby, and snooker. Uniquely, he integrates sports methods and psychology into the development of his musical artistry. Technology is also an essential part of his life, with computers and home studio equipment as constant companions. Surprisingly, despite his classical training, he professes a deep love for 70's and 80's rock music, showcasing the breadth of his musical tastes.

Since 2013, Boris has been imparting his vast knowledge and expertise as a professor at the Musikakademie der Stadt Kassel "Louis Spohr", Germany, where he enriches the lives of students from around the world. Additionally, he is a regular contributor to "Akustik Gitarre" magazine, sharing his insights and expertise with a broader readership.

Boris Tesic is a member of the D'Addario artist group (HT Carbon melodic strings combined with LP Composite Bases) and proudly plays a guitar crafted by the skilled hands of Boguslaw Teryks.

Date: 30.10.2023