Information about my duo with Christine Brinkmann, Soprano

My guitar and choice of strings. I am generally not the one who likes to drum up his own choices but ever since I got my hands on Teryks guitar (having spent FIVE years searching for a great instrument that would suit me) it has been such a joy ride. This girl is not easy to tame, it doesn´t stand ignorance but ask her the correct questions and it will reward you through the roof.

Meet my motley crew of friends and fine institutions, all clamoring for your attention on the web. They're like the eager neighbor who keeps waving every time you step out of your house. I'm giving them a shoutout, not because I have to, but because I secretly suspect they've hacked my browser history and are holding it hostage until I promote them. So, with that subtle pressure in mind, here are a few folks I'd wholeheartedly recommend, and if you don't visit their websites, I can't guarantee what they'll do next – maybe start sending carrier pigeons with URL banners. Trust me, it's easier to just click the links: