Studying in Kassel

Want to study guitar?

How about coming to Kassel and joining our Bachelor of Music degree?

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary musical journey and make your mark in the world of guitar? Join us in Kassel and enroll in our Bachelor of Music degree program – a modern, innovative course designed to help you flourish as a guitarist. Here's why you should take this opportunity:

🎸 **Personalized Guidance**: You'll receive 90 minutes of individual lessons every week from a highly acclaimed performer-teacher. Whether your dream is to excel in competitions, explore performance opportunities, teach, or carve your unique path in the music industry, we'll help you strengthen your weaknesses, highlight your strengths, and stand confidently on your own two feet in this complex and competitive business.

🎓 **Flexible Learning Path**: Our program follows a "Y" system – 2 years of general studies followed by 2 years where you can choose a profile that aligns with your aspirations. We offer a variety of profiles, from performance-oriented program to popular music, early music, ensemble, composition, teaching, and even digital media (maybe the "next guitar influencer" just waits inside of you to show him/herself to the world).

🎵 **Comprehensive Training**: Beyond individual lessons, you'll benefit from weekly performance training, didactic lessons, practical teaching experience in music schools, chamber music opportunities (our Guitar Ensemble has even recorded 2 CDs), and specialized guitar literature lessons.

🎤 **Numerous Performance Opportunities**: We provide a platform for you to showcase your talents with a growing number of performance opportunities. You can also earn money through teaching job possibilities in the area, gaining practical experience while pursuing your passion.

💰 **Affordability**: The best part? There are NO student fees! We understand the financial challenges of pursuing a degree, which is why we offer a super and affordable Semester Ticket that covers all trams, buses, and trains in the area.

🌍 **Ideal Location**: Located in the heart of Germany, Kassel is at the crossroads of Europe. With excellent railway, long-distance bus services, and numerous reachable airports, you can explore any place in Europe with ease. So, there are no excuses – European competitions and guitar festivals are just a quick ride away!

With all these advantages and the vibrant music scene in Kassel, you're one step closer to making your guitar dreams a reality. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to grow as a musician, connect with like-minded artists, and conquer the world of music. 🎶🚀